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Best Pastry Chef Schools

A career in baking and pastry arts is one of the sweetest ways to make a living.  With the right training and a passion for food, you could be well on your way to accomplishing your dream of creating delicious desserts, whimsical wedding cakes and more.

Aspiring pastry chefs can choose from several types of pastry chef schools that provide culinary education. Depending on your location, financial situation and career goals, certain types of schools may fit you better than others.

Culinary education prepares students for various jobs within the food service industry, from restaurant management to pastry chef.   Some pastry chefs   may run their own patisseries, or bakeries, making anything from a simple sweet roll to creating magnificent, multi-tiered wedding cakes.  Opportunities for pastry chefs, especially those working in restaurants and hotels will grow as the trend toward eating out instead of at home also continues to grow.  A degree from a pastry chef school is essential for individuals who desire to compete for the top positions.

Types of Pastry Chef Schools

  • Culinary Institute
  • Community Colleges and Vocational Schools
  • College or University

Culinary Institute -  A culinary academy or institute provides training specifically in the culinary arts.  They offer short, hands-on programs designed to give you the skills needed to start working in a kitchen immediately upon graduation.

Community Colleges and Vocational Schools -  A community college or vocational school trains people for in-demand careers across all industries―not just the culinary arts. Community colleges and vocational baking schools are often less expensive than private programs at culinary institutes because they're subsidized by government funding.

College or University -  Colleges and universities offer a well-rounded liberal arts education with a heavy focus on academic achievement.  Not many universities offer baking programs, but those that do focus on students pursuing management positions or wanting to start their own baking businesses.